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Design a custom quilt plan using the block pattern tool. Preview fabric from online vendors in a quilt design. Upload images of your personal fabric stash to preview in the design. View fabric calculations and download a PDF of your final plan.

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Are you arranging pieces and blocks on your sewing room floor?

Those days are gone! With Pattern Jam, you can create a true preview of your finished quilt in minutes. No more fabric selection regrets! Design a custom quilt plan to reference until your project is complete.

Examples of modern style quilt
Examples of modern style quilt

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Before Pattern Jam, quilt planning software was for expert users only. It was expensive and required training to master. All ages can enjoy the creative process of quilt design within minutes of signing up for Pattern Jam.

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Share your best quilt designs to inspire others. Solicit feedback on a custom design before starting the project. View other quilter’s designs for new ideas. Meet quilters from around the world in the Pattern Jam community.

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Amy McCravy

“I am brand new to quilting, and this makes it so much less daunting, especially since I'm one of those people who can't seem to follow instructions ‘by the letter’ and like to jump right into big projects. This gives me lots of confidence!!”